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École secondaire l'Essor

Photo of École secondaire l'Essor

École Secondaire L'Essor
13605 St. Gregory's Road
Tecumseh, ON  N8N 3E4

Tel: 1-519-735-4115
Fax: 1-519-735-5577

After 10 years of linguistic struggle and dispute, a provincial bill forced the construction of a French language high school in Southwestern Ontario. The public school board finally acquiesced to the demands of the parents and taxpayers who sought equality in education. École secondaire l'Essor opened its doors in September 1979. In 1990, the school came under the direction of the catholic board and in January 1997, an independent French language board was created. L'Essor has a student population of 555 from grades 9 through 12 plus OAC (grade 13), served by 39 teachers.

École secondaire l'Essor prides itself in its chemistry research laboratory. With over half a million dollars in highly specialized equipment, it is unique among highschools.

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